Live that 300 Tabs Life (A Workona Chrome Course for Tab Addicts) by Elizebeth Gidley

Live that 300 Tabs Life (A Workona Chrome Course for Tab Addicts)

So you've got a tab addiction too huh?

Whatcha gonna do with all of them? 
Wouldn't your life be easier if they were grouped by task?

Bet you never thought you could be more productive if you had just one category of tabs open.

Like a blog post workspace

With only the tabs you need to create that post with no distractions. 🤯🤯🤯

But don't worry...your other tabs will still be tucked away in their designated workspaces.

Imagine the time you won't waste.

Scrolling over each and every tab trying to find just the right one.

Instead, you'll be working on a blog task DISTRACTION FREE.

Live that 300 tabs life freely. Stop thinking its out of control.

 It just needs some organization. 

And I'm the one to teach you.

I'll show you how to hide them in workspaces so your friends don't look at your screen and have an anxiety attack.

Screeching that same one liner we've all heard "How many tabs do you have open?

As if your laptop will self implode if you open one more.

Listen... Theres a purpose for each and every one of those...

Well maybe except that one that you never click on.

But figuring out which tab is where is a headache none of us wants.

So let's organize them by category and task.

And neatly file them away so they're ready to be clicked on when you need them.

What's included?

8 Lessons

I go over the 8 Main Workspaces that all bloggers need to accomplish their tasks.

Full Video Tutorials

Each Lesson gives a full video tutorial and has what's mentioned in the video in the notes for each section.

See my Workspaces

I explain what I use for my tasks. I show you the order in which I do my tasks in each workspace.


What do I need for this course?

This course is designed specifically for Chrome users. 
It is all about the Workona Chrome Extension (which is free) that you will need to download and add to your Chrome Browser.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of digital goods, if you realize this was a mistake to purchase and you haven't consumed any of the content I will give a full refund within 72 hours of purchase.